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Our hemp is grown on succulent green hills - the 'High Hemphills of Ireland'. Natural, hand-picked and hand-pressed. Fresh, pure and healthy hemp direct juice with a taste of fizzy lemonade. Enjoy cool and as a mixer. Natural ingredients only. Carbonated and documented and controlled cultivation.

We don’t like artificial, sticky and sweet chemical drinks.

What’s in it:
Grape sweetness*
hemp juice* (3%)
lime juice* 3%)
Carbon dioxide, so simple!

*DE-ÖKO-044 Agriculture

Our hemp juice does not contain THC.

The leaves of the industrial hemp plant used to press the hemp juice contain no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). What makes the fresh hemp leaves special it is the high nutritional value of vitamins, minerals and saturated fats.

How did the idea of HEMTATIC hemp lemonade come about?
Us, Alla & Jenny, created HEMPTASTIC®   . Tasting the delicious hemp, we were not only impressed by this new product made from hemp but also convinced by its positive effects. and above all its’ fresh grassy taste!

Hemp juice is supposed to facilitate memory and concentration as well as regulate appetite. We tested it on ourselves and were absolutely convinced. From that moment on we knew: Hemp is brain food with a new taste. Using smart foods, we would now like to provide as many people as possible with the hemp plant in form of a new product.

We are convinced: The future lies in the re-discovery of this industrial plant!

Order Hemptastic®   now

Order through our partner service Lieferello and have the refreshing drinkable superfood with its tangy, grassy taste delivered directly to your door. Good Mood-Brain Food.

Alex Mizurov, German- & European Champion in Skateboarding

We managed to turn the fresh green and healthy juice made from hemp leaves into a fizzy drink. The result is superfood to drink, HEMPTASTIC Hemplemonade - the world's first hemp lemonade with the green hemp's full power. Our hemp is cold pressed and always of best quality. We use direct juice that we pasteurise carefully. Our industrial hemp contains no THC.